Unlike many we choose to confront the elephant in the room. The reality is, following a nutrition plan & restricting food does not work for long term success so we don’t expect you to follow any kind of diet plan. In fact 90% of people that go on a diet fail. They call it a diet, we call it a lifestyle. Instead what we do is help you integrate your lifestyle with your nutrition so that you can finally free yourself from “dieting” whilst still looking & feeling your best !

We help you achieve your results with our 4 key nutrition principles

 It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent

Our trainers are with you every step of the way. That includes the days we don’t see you. Your trainer will extend their support & knowledge to you outside of the facility by communicating with you on your off days for ensuring that you understand what you are doing and that you do not fall off track. 

Eating “healthy” is different to eating according to your goals

We help you understand energy balance & the correct amount of nutrients your body needs to thrive. We take factors into consideration such as your body type & resting metabolism which actually allows us to give you more food so that you don’t feel hungry. We all metabolise food differently, therefore foods that work for some may not work for all.

No time ? Don’t stress, we get it.

You can ditch the food scale & thought of needing to eat around the clock for achieving results.  You can eat as many meals at whatever time you like, in fact the less meals you have the more food you can eat at a time ! Our clients can do this by using our user friendly convenient application which allows them to scan food barcodes.

Eat it because you can

Most importantly we want you to live life by developing a healthy relationship with food. We do not condone the notion of eliminating “junk” as this creates a negative relationship with food which causes unnecessary fear, anxiety, guilt & binge eating. We want to give you the confidence & variety you need for making the right decisions with your food regardless of where you are at in terms of environment. Our approach to nutrition is designed to get you in shape mentally as well as physically.