Hopefully we can help you get to know us with some FAQs

How does it work ?2019-07-09T03:40:46+00:00

Step 1:  In-person consultation with your trainer based on your experience & goals. 

Step 2: We analyse your body by having you complete a non-invasive InBody scan which allows us to understand your body for structuring your nutrition & training sessions 

Step 3: Your first official personal training session at Ambition ! 

Step 4: We teach you how to integrate your nutrition with your lifestyle with our unique approach 

Step 5: You continue to improve week to week.

What about group fitness ?2019-07-09T03:41:56+00:00

We do not do group fitness, we specialise in only one on one personal training. The main reason is because group fitness does not correlate with our core values as a company. We believe that long term sustainable results are achieved through one on one care & accountability.

How much is a personal training session ?2019-07-09T03:42:46+00:00

Our personal training sessions vary based on the different packages we have. Personal training sessions start from as low as $50.00 per session. 

I had a bad experience with a personal trainer, how do we ensure our service is different ?2019-07-09T03:43:31+00:00

We totally get it & we do not blame you. We strive daily to change the stigma associated with personal training because of the terrible standard that is out there. Additionally, we maintain our premium service by only selecting trainers which share the same core values. All our trainers undergo an extensive 8 hour training process prior to commencing their employment which ensures their standards are up to our expectations. We also pair your personality & goals with a trainer that specialises in precisely what you need.

What if I don’t like doing a certain exercise ?2019-07-09T03:44:15+00:00

Listening to your feedback is our number one priority, we leave our ego at the door. We will never make you do an exercise which makes you feel uncomfortable, we adapt based on how you respond.

What are the payment options like ?2019-07-09T03:46:01+00:00

Week to week direct debit including both commonly accepted credit and debit cards as well as bank account info for weekly memberships or bank transfers for upfront packages. We currently do not have any cash options. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Do you have minimum term requirements ?2019-07-09T03:47:16+00:00

We have a “no commitment” plan as well as a 12 week minimum term agreement.

Do we provide nutrition plans ?2019-07-09T03:49:05+00:00

We provide you with two (2) tailored nutrition plans which are based on your body type & metabolic rate. The function of our nutrition plans is to give you structure & certainty. All of the plans which are assigned to you are strictly set as examples and do not have to be followed.  We do not expect you to stick to the plans & we do not condone the notion of eliminating junk as we strive to help each client develop a healthy relationship with food for lifestyle sustainability. 

How many days should i see a trainer ?2019-07-09T03:50:00+00:00

Your training frequency highly depends on your goals, fitness level & lifestyle. Generally an average of 3 sessions per week is optimal.

Is it crowded, how many people often train at a time ?2019-07-09T03:51:05+00:00

Our facility is purposely built to maintain one on one personal space between the client & PT. The maximum number of trainers we have in our space is 3 at a time with a client each. 

Do i need to be at a certain fitness level to train ?2019-07-09T03:51:46+00:00

Not at all, all you need is courage & the willingness to give it a go

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