We believe that communication is key

What this means is that we listen to your body’s feedback & we tailor your sessions accordingly. We care about how you feel during your sessions & we strive to optimize our training based on where you are at with your body & health. Whether you are a client that needs rehabilitation from a pre-existing injury, or you are a client that wants to increase their strength, or maybe you are a client that just wants to improve their mental health for reducing stress. We direct our training purely based on your personal growth & progress.  

Communication allows us to understand


We leave our ego at the door

We don’t care about how smart we are or how good we look we care about how you feel.  Our impact is measured based on how much you enjoy & love the journey alongside us, because that is what ultimately leads to results.

If you hate the process, it never lasts. We strive to develop meaningful connections & relationships with our clients to help them overcome obstacles for what they want to achieve.

Personal training at Ambition is less about telling you what to do & more about actually listening to your body’s feedback & adapting to what works for your lifestyle. 

Bringing the “personal” back into personal training

I know what you’re thinking, you hate going to the gym because of the intimidation & atmosphere. It can be daunting we understand this. At Ambition, we have built our facility specifically to maintain your personal space so that you feel comfortable & confident training.